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Weidong Chemicals wishes "Goddess" a happy holiday!

  Women's Day is International Women's Day. The full name of the International Women’s Day is the “UN Women’s Rights and International Peace Day”. In China, it is also known as “International Women’s Day”, “March 8th” and “March 8th Women’s Day”. It is a festival for women of all countries in the world to strive for peace, equality, and development. For a century, women in various countries have made unremitting efforts to fight for their rights.

  March 8, 1911 was the first International Women's Day.

  In 1922, our country began to commemorate the 38th Festival. The first mass commemorative event for Chinese women in the 38th Festival was held in Guangzhou in 1924. In December 1949, the Central People’s Government’s Administrative Office ruled that every March 8th is Women’s Day. The United Nations has celebrated International Women’s Day since the 1975 International Women’s Year and has confirmed that ordinary women strive for equal participation in society. In 1977, the General Assembly passed a resolution requesting each country to select a day of the year as the UN Women’s Rights and World Peace Day in accordance with its own history and national traditions and customs. For the United Nations, International Women's Day is scheduled for March 8.

  Today, Weidong Chemical wishes all the women compatriots a happy holiday! Youth forever!