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Problems urgently needed to be solved in the flame retardant market

  Flame retardant is one of the most effective ways to reduce the risk of fire so far. With the strengthening of people's awareness of fire prevention, the use of flame retardants has become more and more widely used. Many experts recommend adding flame retardants to some flammable materials. Use it so that you can reduce the risk of fire and prevent the fire from causing disaster. Therefore, flame retardants are closely related to our environment and life, and are gradually understood and accepted by more people. In order to prevent the occurrence of fire, flame retardants can also be added to furniture, but many businesses cut corners in order to save costs. Here we talk about the use of flame retardant related content.

  From building insulation boards to small home appliances such as color TVs, air conditioners, rice cookers, and induction cookers, flame retardants are used in production. If less or use poor flame retardants, not only is there a safety hazard, but it may also be due to surface migration and volatilization of materials. affect health.

However, due to the increase in product costs due to the addition of flame retardants, China still has many vacancies in the application of flame retardants. Many businesses are able to save provinces and rarely add flame retardants. For production products, such as automotive flame retardant masterbatch for cable harness sleeves, strength, temperature resistance, heavy metals, resistance to migration, weatherability, and other indicators will be considered. In the case of losing money, even a few small companies compete because of the loss of domestic small customers. serious. Small customers often consider cost as the first consideration, and they would rather sacrifice some necessary performance in material procurement.

  In addition, in the implementation of flame retardant-related laws and regulations, there is currently a problem of incoherence between legislation and law enforcement, and playing cat-and-mouse games between companies and administrative law enforcement has almost become the unspoken rules of the industry.

  The flame retardant standards and regulations of the global material industry are increasingly perfect and strict. As a strategic industry that affects China’s economic development and people’s lives and property safety, the flame-retardant materials hope that the government can give it enough attention, increase the guiding role of public opinion, and provide policies. On the support and protection to promote the orderly and healthy development of the industry.

  In the future development of the flame retardant industry, the trend should be to increase the flame retardant performance while paying more attention to environmental protection and ecological safety, and to develop in the direction of high-efficiency, multi-functional, nano-ultra-disperse, and low-use. This process will promote the advent of a large number of new materials and new technologies. The one that is suitable for this is to accelerate the improvement of innovative R&D capabilities. This has become an urgent and important issue for the entire fire-retardant industry. It can be said that the flame retardant industry is about to usher in a product innovation revolution, and the industry structure and appearance will be greatly improved.

  The above is all about the issues that urgently need to be solved in the flame retardant market. Does everyone also think so? I hope you enjoy our content. If you can help, please continue to pay attention to our website.